Crafting Light with Heritage Brickwork

Rear elevation of two-storey extension

Reviving a 1930s gem into spacious, sunlit living in Booterstown, Dublin.

Located on a large site with an East facing garden in South Dublin, this house stood as originally built in the 1930’s. Without any modifications or additions, it had become unsuitable for contemporary family life. Our aim as architects was to stretch into the garden to create large living spaces filled with natural light.

A stepped plan and large rooflight ensure the house feels bright all year round. The extension takes the form of two interlocking volumes. The single storey volume opens to the East via large glazed sliding doors allowing morning light to penetrate deep into the plan.

Deep splayed brick reveals capture as much sunlight as possible while the splayed soffit offers protection from the elements without limiting views to the garden beyond.

Garden Elevation in South Dublin
Garden Elevation in South Dublin

Twilight charm

A captivating view of a two-storey house extension, its interior aglow, framed by brick piers, overlooking a serene private garden.

Rear elevation extension Dublin

Architectural materials

The modern architecture of the new structure with red brick splays against smooth white plaster, pays homage to the original house while seamlessly blending into its lush garden setting.
Photo of house before the works Before

Model view

Architectural intricacy

A detailed model unveils the interlocking volumes of a two-storey extension, a single-storey extension, a rooflight bathing the dining area in natural light, and expansive garden elevation glazing.

Splayed soffit detail

Sculpted precision

Splayed smooth plaster soffit details meets warm red brick, creating a contemporary nod to the original architecture of plaster and brick.

Brick splay detail

Garden extension

Brick piers extend out from large glazed sliders, allowing protection from the ever-changing weather in Dublin.

Red Brick Architecture

Meticulous detailing

TThe carefully selected red brick are contrasted against the smooth plaster finish, showcasing its natural variation. Special bullnose bricks shape deep splayed reveals.

Rear Extension living spaces

Morning bliss

The South-East facing patio transforms into a sun trap, offering the ideal setting for a delightful breakfast bathed in the warmth of the morning sun.

Charming Bullnose Bricks in South Dublin

Bridging architectural eras

Bullnose bricks serve as an architectural bridge between eras by referencing the original brick and render finish of the 1930s house.

Vintage Original Hall Door Surround

Portal to the past

The original hall door surround, an architectural gem, finds its match in the selected bricks for the newer parts of the house that mirror the front's historic features. The idea of a facade with depth, establishing a graceful transition point between the interior and the exterior informed the new design too.

Inviting Playroom Patio in South Dublin

Playful transitions

The playroom patio beckons with double doors wide open, seamlessly connecting the indoor space to a second patio. Overlooked by the kitchen sink window, a timber threshold step extends a warm invitation to step outside and enjoy the delightful play area.

Elegant Curved Kitchen Bulkhead

Sculpted elegance

The curved kitchen bulkhead (containing the extract duct) forms a seamless connection with the kitchen window, elegantly contrasting the red brick pier outside. The smooth white plaster adds a touch of modernity, and the graduated light within the monochrome interior sets a refined ambiance.

Sunlit Kitchen Window in Extension

Illuminated routine

The kitchen sink is athed in sunlight from the tall South-facing window. As architects, we strive to bring a bit of beauty and joy to the mundane every day chores like doing the dishes.

Built-in Kitchen in large extension

Seamless integration

The built-in kitchen is nestled beneath a plaster bulkhead. A short corridor guides the way to a playroom and a spacious utility room, creating well-connected and functional space.

Modern Kitchen Living Dining Space

Open Plan Harmony

The kitchen, living, and dining spaces in this open plan spill effortlessly towards a South East facing patio and garden. Against the monochrome interior backdrop, the owner has the canvas to fill with vibrant, colourful accents, creating a dynamic and inviting space.

Natural Sunlight

Daytime Delight

Architectural features such as large glazed sliders, a rooflight providing a wash of daylight against a wall and a tall kitchen window catching end of the afternoon sun create a bright living space.

Dining Rooflight in new extension

Dining space

A large rooflight bathes the back wall in a gentle wash of light, capturing the ever-changing sunlight patterns. Meticulously designed built-in shelving adds both functional storage and a curated display of the owners' cherished possessions.

Built-in Shelving

Daylight display

The large feature rooflight above built-in shelving allows inhabitants to appreciate and observe the movements of the sun and the ever- changing Dublin sky.

Cozy Rear Extension Living Spaces in Booterstown

Original Architectural features

The rear extension living spaces embrace original architectural features such as the chimney breast, now repurposed to house a new gas fire, transforming the area into a cozy family haven.

Bright Kitchen Window in Booterstown

Colourful Oasis

A charming and inviting living room with a comfortable couch, and space to showcase the owner's colourful objects. The top-lit space and planting accents add to the casual allure.

Airy Bright Dining Spaces

Extended living spaces

The changing weather and sky over Dublin can be enjoyed from the dining space as a wash of light illuminates the smooth plastered wall.

Classic Original 1930s Staircase

Original architectural charm

Fully protected during construction, the original staircase proudly retains its Arts & Crafts charm. Nestled at the heart of the home, it pays homage to the style that first enamoured the owners to the house, complemented by the presence of an art deco grandfather clock.

Historic Original 1930s Fireplace

Fireside Legacy

The original fireplace, meticulously refurbished and preserved in the front Sitting Room, stands as a timeless testament to the home's history. Against muted backdrop tones, colourful accents come alive, creating a harmonious interplay of old and new.

Vintage Original 1930s Sliding Doors

Vintage Transitions

The charm of the original sliding pocket doors is preserved and celebrated, offering a vintage touch to the living spaces. Carefully refurbished and retained, they serve as flexible dividers, allowing seamless transitions between open and separated areas. Enjoy appealing views through interconnected spaces.

Serene Garden Elevation of Extension in South Dublin

Garden Retreat

The garden elevation of the two-storey house extension beckons towards a peaceful retreat in the long garden. A natural material palette delicately fits into the context, creating a striking yet sympathetic modern addition.

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