Elevated Living
A New build House in Mount Merrion, Dublin

Front view of a South Dublin dormer house by innovative architects

The Perfect Blend of Style and Sustainability

An A1-rated newbuild house replaces a detached bungalow near Mount Merrion. Our job as architects to create an energy-efficient home that makes the most of the spectacular views over Dublin city while fitting in with the surrounding dormer bungalows.

The new split-level detached house presents an elegant and simple two-storey facade to the front, maintaining the existing streetscape. A modern triple gabled brick elevation to the rear opens out onto a generous patio & long garden. Internally, a curved staircase moves from a large entrance hall to a bright landing with a vaulted ceiling. A curved dormer style window draws attention to the expansive views over Dublin city. The family sitting room and Master bedroom are accessed either side of this landing, each with dramatic curved ceilings, following the profile of the clay tile roof above.

To the rear, the three gables are mirrored with vaulted ceilings creating distinct zones of kitchen, living, and dining within a single large open-plan space. Large rooflights are designed to provide natural daylight throughout the day. Large South-facing windows and glazed double doors allow light deep into the rooms and provide views and access to the beautiful garden beyond. A floating brick soffit over deep brick splays provide protection from overheating. The project has been designed to be comfortable and practical. It is highly insulated and incorporates an air-to-water heat pump & photovoltaic panels and has a calculated A2 Building Energy Rating (BER).

Gabled elevation of a South Dublin brick house at dusk, lit by exterior lights
Dublin architects' modern house with lush garden landscaping

Modern Brickwork

A beautiful flower garden graces the entrance to this newbuild detached house which presents a modern yet timeless facade to the street.


With poor thermal and energy performance, the old house stood as a detached and dilapidated bungalow in need of revitalization. South Dublin dormer bungalow set against a clear blue sky, before architectural renovation

Front elevation of Mount Merrion house designed by Dublin architects with a vibrant red plant in the foreground

Protective Porch

An inviting entrance with covered porch, featuring splayed brick piers that capture the morning and evening light while providing shelter from wind and rain of Dublin.

Triple-gable modern house in South Dublin, architect-designed with evening lighting

Architectural details

Nestled among a series of dormer bungalows, the front elevation of this new build house seamlessly integrates into the architecture of neighborhood. Meticulous planning ensured that the ridge line aligns harmoniously with neighboring residences, securing swift Planning Permission approval from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Elegant house entrance in Dublin designed by professional architects

Warm Welcome

Subtly integrated into the pavement, uplighters illuminate the splayed brick piers and floating brick soffit, bestowing a gracious and warm ambiance upon the distinctive entrance of the custom new build dwelling.

Dublin architects' design of a brick garage front with lush landscaping

Architectural material palette

Specifically chosen to align with the earthy hues of the tumbled red brick and red clay roof tiles, the red-brown zinc downpipes and gutters contribute to a unified and architecturally pleasing exterior. The intentional contrast with the vibrant colors of the mature garden and landscape adds depth and visual interest to the overall design .

Architectural detail of brickwork and shadows on a Dublin residence

Precision details

After a meticulous assessment of multiple brick samples, the decision was made by our architects and clients in favor of a tumbled red brick, celebrated for its abundant natural variations. The use of white mortar and sleek white plaster creates a visually stunning contrast against the variable brick texture, exemplifying a meticulous harmony of design and craftsmanship. Bespoke laser-cut bricks were factory assembled for perfect splayed anlges.

Architect-designed brick gable house in Dublin with a clear blue sky

Graceful Gables

Three architectural pitched gable roofs accentuate the rear elevation of this contemporary residence, creating a modern and inviting aesthetic. Positioned strategically to capture sunlight, these roofs harmonize with the landscaped garden, featuring carefully crafted retaining walls, steps, and an integrated BBQ. The outcome is a seamlessly integrated, visually pleasing home that effortlessly combines style and practicality. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this modern retreat, embraced by an expansive lawn and a meticulously manicured garden.

Garden facade of a new-build house in Mount Merrion, Dublin

Brick piers & shade

The views out are elegantly encased by splayed brick piers, which create covered areas for shading to prevent overheating. These sturdy brick thresholds also feature built-in door stops, allowing glazed double doors to unfold seamlessly.

Suntrap garden elevation of a new South Dublin house with lush landscaping

Roof Architecture

Featuring a triple-gabled design, the garden elevation of the new build house incorporates living space on the first floor, creating a direct connection from the interior to the inviting South-facing patio

Original house overlooking Dublin City

Nestled into the steeply sloped site overlooking Dublin city, the old house was mostly submerged in the site, leaving the garden inaccessible and robbing it of the breathtaking city views Existing detached bungalow in Mount Merrion, Dublin, with a scenic view

South-facing patio of a newly built house in Dublin with a clear blue sky

Smart Roofs

A carefully selected bedded verge establishes a thin and modern connection between the red clay roof tiles and the meticulously arranged tumbled brickwork. Seamlessly integrated PV Panels in the pitched roofs help ensure an impressive A2 BER rating.

Dusk view of a garden elevation by Dublin residential architects

A dance of light and texture

Rear elevation bathed in a warm glow, courtesy of discreet uplighters nestled in the paving, accentuating the brick texture.

Dublin architects' garden elevation with landscaping and evening lighting

Brick beauty, gable glow

A picturesque scene unfolds with deep splayed brick reveals, a captivating pitched roof gable, and the rich texture of brick, complemented by the radiant dusk light and a vibrant red Japanese maple in the foreground.

Spacious Dublin kitchen with garden view designed by architects

Urban Oasis

Interior view from kitchen looking towards garden

Vaulted ceiling in South Dublin house interior by premier architects

Sculptural Architecture

Open-plan living spaces lie beneath graceful curves of smooth plaster. This sculptural architectural feature contrasts the rugged allure of brick thresholds, surrounded by the calming presence of a picturesque garden.

Kitchen view towards the garden in a South Dublin new build by architects

Symmetry in Nature

Indoor and outdoor spaces blend together as large glazing frames the South-facing landscaped garden. Brick soffits and splayed piers provide protection from the changeable Dublin weather.

Interior view with floor-to-ceiling windows by Dublin residential architects

Natural Retreat

The architectural features such as large picture windows and curved ceilings frame the beautiful garden beyond.

Airy Dublin kitchen with skylights designed by leading architects

Sunlit serenity

Large rooflights allow inhabitants to observe the ever-changing Dublin sky above

Interior view towards a garden designed by Dublin residential architects

Cooking with a view

South-facing garden charm captured through a picture window in the kitchen.

Modern kitchen interior by Dublin architects with sleek finishes

Ceilings that captivate

Unveiling the charm of interconnected spaces beneath architecturally intriguing ceilings.

Timber kitchen in a new South Dublin house, featuring modern design

New built-in kitchen

Nestled beneath a plastered bulkhead, the walnut-built kitchen features integrated lighting solutions. Mechanically operated high-level windows welcome evening light and offer natural ventilation, all while maintaining a clean aesthetic on the main garden facade.

Curved staircase in a Dublin home showcasing architectural excellence

Sculptural Stairs

As architects for this project, we knew the staircase had to be a focal point of the house, connecting the entrance hall and open plan living spaces above.

White minimalist interior of a newly built Dublin house with unique curvatures

Scuplted views

The curved nature of the sweeping staircase echos the architecture of the curved ceilings above.

Bright interior with white curves designed by Dublin architects

Ceiling lines

Dublin views framed by elegantly curved ceilings that echo the dormer roof profiles, creating a captivating architectural embrace.

Double-height stair hall in Dublin home, created by local architects

Curves that captivate

Design meets functionality with a curved balustrade, harmonizing the flow from the open kitchen to the inviting family rooms.

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