Ranelagh Courtyard House: A Tudor Beauty Redefined

Rear courtyard visualisation

Explore the revamped 1930s house, now with universal access and captivating brick details

The challenge was to convert this 1930s two-storey house with a small kitchen, external WC, and North facing rear garden into a fully accessible home that can be enjoyed by all.

An existing extension to the rear, covered side passage and sheds prevented evening light reaching the rear of the site and resulted in dark internal spaces. These are to be demolished and replaced with a single storey extension to the rear of the site which has been arranged to catch as much light as possible.

The Master Bedroom, accessible bathroom and master wardrobe are located at the rear corner, with the residual outdoor space creating two private courtyards with large areas of glazing opening from the living spaces and bedroom.

The new sloping zinc-clad roof will allow low evening light to skim over the roof into the courtyard. This will create bright, warm internal spaces and cheerful suntraps inside and out.

Concept image
Nighttime view

Rear courtyard visualization

The principal living spaces and master suite are organized around a manageable courtyard garden.


An old addition to the rear is to be removed as well as opening up the back of the original house. Photo of house before the works

Nighttime view

Context model

Sitting on a street of Tudor gable-fronted houses, the new significant new addition is tucked away to the side with a new south-facing window to the master bedroom.


The original house lies on a bend in the road creating a tapered site which widens towards the rear. Photo of house before the works

Sectional model

Context model Image

The existing covered side passage and sheds stopped Western light reaching the interior. These are replaced with a private courtyard allowing evening light to stretch deep into the living spaces.

Front elevation

Model Image

The extended floor area intersects the external space of the property creating two private courtyard areas. A minor addition at first floor level creates new bathroom and ensuite areas without disruption to the original eaves line of the house.

Afternoon view

Interior visualisation

A feature brick wall will provide a semi-private corridor to the Master Bedroom from the living spaces without blocking off the spaces entirely.

Digital model image

Model Image rear high level view

The extended areas have been carefully designed to slip into a back-garden world of sheds and outbuildings without an impact on adjacent properties.

Digital model image

Model Image Courtyard view

Within the property, it was important to maintain a degree of privacy between the main living spaces and the master bedroom suite to the right-hand-side of the view.

Interior view

Kitchen Visualisation

A brick pier extending from the courtyard to the kitchen along with floor-to-ceiling glazing results in the courtyard and living spaces feeling like one.

Interior View

Master Bedroom Visualization

The Master Bedroom sits between two private courtyards resulting in a bright and cheerful space over the course of the day.

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