Lighting Up the Past

A Delicate Protected Structure Transformation

This project transforms parts of a dark, traditional late 1860s terrace house, a Protected Structure into a bright, functional home. By reorganizing the kitchen and living areas, it now embraces the garden with dining spaces opening outdoors and the kitchen enjoying a sunny aspect. A new pantry enhances storage.

The redesign also introduces a more inviting entrance through a vaulted porch, sensitively integrated into the front of a former garage. This renovation not only brightens living spaces but also respects the home's historic character, making modern living seamless in a classic setting.

The elegant front of a Period Home in Rathgar, Dublin

Built in the late 1860s, this house forms one half of a pair, one of 7 such pairs forming a terrace overlooking a private park. Brick-front and with elaborate architectural detailing, the two-storey over garden level house, with split-level floors to the rear, is a classic of its period and with all the difficulties that entails for modern living.

With exquisite receptions rooms and circulations, a common feature of these houses is the garden level where the principal day-to-day living happens from breakfast in the morning through to relaxing in the evening.

Starting into this project, the existing kitchen and living rooms were oppressively dark, failed to take advantage of the beautiful views from them or to open onto a fabulous private back garden. In the addition, the day-to-day entrance is a small door squeezed in under the original granite entrance steps.

In this project the kitchen and living room are reorganised so the dining opens onto the garden, the kitchen can take advantage of a southerly aspect, and in the middle of the plan, a new pantry creates much useful storage.

The entrance is also reorganised so a new hall door with sidelights is accessed via an attractive vaulted porch which is sensitively accommodate into the front of an old garage to the side of the house.

Entrance steps leading up to the hall door of a Victorian Protected Structure in Dublin
Extending into the garden as little as possible, the new addition lies under a zinc roof which is topped with a rooflight that is centred under the original bay window above. The new elevations are modern, minimal and form a sensitive counterpoint to the orthogonal victorian geometry of the original house

A Delicate Footprint in Nature

Nestled under a sleek zinc roof, the new extension minimizes its intrusion into the garden, crowned with a strategically placed rooflight aligning with the bay window above. Its modern, minimalist elevations form a thoughtful contrast to the original house's Victorian structure, achieving a harmonious balance between new and old.

Overlooking a completely private garden the new kitchen / dining area is fully glazed to engage with the garden. A deep roof overhang provides shading to avoid mid-Summer overheating

Moonlit Garden Connection

The new kitchen and dining space, encased in glass, opens up to a private garden, creating an immersive indoor-outdoor experience. With a deep roof overhang, this area is designed to enjoy the beauty of the garden day and night while ensuring comfort during the warmest summer evenings.

A zinc sheet metal roof with standing seams has been carefully set out on the geometry of the original bay window above, so the new rooflight forms an abstract mirrored plane as viewed from the formal Dining Room on the upper floor

Reflective Elegance

he zinc roof, carefully designed with standing seams, mirrors the geometry of the original bay window, creating a captivating abstract reflection. This innovative design choice enhances the view from the formal dining room above, marrying traditional elegance with modern architectural detail.

The new addition has been kept as narrow as possible so as not to interfere with the original circulation of the house which contains a magnificent stairwell

Elegant Integration

In a delicate balancing act, the new structure introduces itself with minimal footprint, ensuring the historic heart of the home—its grand stairwell—remains undisturbed and prominently featured. This thoughtful approach preserves the home's original flow, highlighting its architectural heritage while welcoming a touch of the contemporary.

	Continuing the original ceiling level, old and new co-exist harmoniously. The ceiling in the extension area rises according to the roof profile to create a focal high-point over the new garden room

Harmonious Heights

Seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, the design respects the original ceiling lines while inviting the new. As the extension reaches out, the ceiling ascends, peaking majestically above the garden room. This architectural dance of levels creates a space where history and modernity are in perfect balance, each enhancing the beauty of the other.

The new kitchen is thrust out towards the garden to capture as much daylight as possible throughout the day. Deep roof overhangs make it feel cosy inside and prevent overheating on very hot days

Skyward Serenity

This newly designed kitchen extends gracefully towards the garden, basking in abundant natural light. Its strategic positioning ensures sunlight throughout the day, while the thoughtful incorporation of deep roof overhangs maintains a cozy ambiance indoors, warding off the heat on summer's brightest days.

The new layout provides a flowing open-plan feeling without compromising the historic character of the old house, a Protected Structure

Illuminated Elegance in Dining

A seamless blend of open-plan design that respects and enhances the historic soul of this cherished home. Every meal becomes an event under the glow of natural light, where the past and present converge harmoniously

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